Why Use a Illustrated Properties Associate as a Seller?

The decision to sell a property is only the first of many steps in order to actually sell it. Before even putting it on the market, enlisting the services of a highly-qualified real estate associate is essential. An experienced professional will be able to evaluate many different factors with you to determine if it is the optimal time for you to sell the property, and beyond that, determining who is your ideal buyer. Your Illustrated Properties agent will help you to evaluate what your property is worth, and set the asking price accordingly. At Illustrated Properties, we can help figure out the most updated information about your property, analyze how the market is acting with the specific kind of property, research competing properties, and ultimately create the game-plan with you to get the property sold, and the right time, for the best asking price and with minimum roadblocks.


Many factors go into setting the price of your property, and your Illustrated Properties agent can assist in establishing what this number is. There is a myriad of influences to consider. Location is of the utmost importance; identical houses – one in the middle of a bustling city, the other in the country-side – will be valued at much different price points. The difference of even neighborhood-to-neighborhood or street-to-street within a given neighborhood can either increase or decrease what the price of the house may be based on proximity to water or perceived safety of the area. Also, consider supply and demand. If your property will be the only property for sale in a place that's growing in popularity, you can expect to ask a lot more for your home than if it is one of many in the immediate vicinity. Plus, the 'price' is not necessarily the only source of compensation for the property. In some cases, money may come from elsewhere to get the house sold, like if the seller makes a contribution to offset closing costs, or gives an allowance for repairs, paint, the value of first mortgage payment, etc. An Illustrated Properties agent can help you create a strategy to best place the price, but also get your maximum value.


Like anything else being sold, your property will need marketing in order to expose it to the maximum number of potential buyers, specifically buyers who are in the market to buy properties like yours. A skilled Illustrated Properties agent works with you to make this plan happen. Whether it is ensuring your home is in condition to show (simple upgrades like a new front door can make a world of difference), or choosing the right channels in which to advertise, the experienced agents at Illustrated Properties are experts at putting the best face of your home forward.


The most important and most anticipate part of selling a house is the sale itself. Because home-selling often marks another transition in life, a new job or maybe an expanding family, there are a lot of moving parts that an Illustrated Properties agent can help to handle. Sometimes giving up a home - especially if it has been in the family for a longer period of time - can be emotional, and an Illustrated Properties agent can be the objective party to make sure your best long-term interest stays at the forefront.


Between the initial sales agreement and closing or settlement, questions may arise. For example, unexpected repairs are required to obtain financing or a cloud in the title is discovered. The required paperwork alone is overwhelming for most sellers. Your Illustrated Properties agent along with our Home Services Division, are the best team to objectively help you resolve these issues and move the transaction to closing.


No one makes the final move easier than Illustrated Properties. With established relationships in relocation, and free-of-charge concierge services, enlisting help to move out of your recently sold home is a breeze. Additionally, companies relocating employees will find that with the assistance of Illustrated Properties Corporate Relocation Division, this process is much more fluid.